Friday, January 22, 2010

Got some explainin' to do

The problem with setting up a blog and writing about your life is when you spend all of your time in front of the computer, you're not living your life! This had got to stop!

This is my second post and before I start this fabulous Friday I'm going to try to explain a little bit about how I hope this whole thing is going to work.

I began writing articles about a year ago for the Wittenberg Press, a weekly newspaper in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. My old friend Miriam had just recently bought the paper and she asked me to write a few articles about this new life of mine. That was 38 articles ago and I'm still rambling on every week. I have posted those articles to my Facebook page as well but many people who have not been sucked into "social networking" have asked if they can view them elsewhere. I've also been toying with the idea of writing a book. This is sort of a test...perhaps a see if anyone at all (besides those who are required to be interested like family and friends) is in the least bit interested.

So the plan is to post last year's articles once each week and spend the rest of the week on....well....I don't know yet. I'm really not a good planner!

So enough of explanations. It's Friday morning, the sky is blue, I'm living in the south of France.....and it's market day. I have a new camera. I think I'll go take some pictures!

Bonne Journée


  1. It's 55 degrees F right now. Yeah, I know....poor me!

  2. YOU ROCK !!!!!!!!!!

  3. I do believe 'dear friend' would have been just as descriptive as your more acurate 'old friend' in your post!! Alas, I'm young enough not to be troubled by your choice in adjectives!!!!!


  4. I didn't subscribe to Miriam's paper until last summer so am looking forward to reading the articles that I missed. Sarah


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