Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring is Nature's way of saying "Let's Party"

I remember distinctly a moment when I was around 11 years old. May was moving into its second half and suddenly I realized the trees were sporting their fully grown leaves, the earth was soft and the grass was green....and I had missed the transition. We had gone from winter to nearly summer and I hadn't bothered to take notice. I hadn't taken the time to breath in the arrival of the scented air or notice the tiny, lime green leaves as they unfurled.  The memory is seared in my mind because I felt so sad. And I promised myself then that I would never forget to notice again.
Sunday afternoon I went to the park and I'm so glad I did. Because spring is really is. I didn't expect it so soon....but I have the proof.

For those of you still buried under snow, I apologize. I'm really not trying to rub in in. I just wanted to remind you to keep your eyes open. It won't be long now!

By the way, the title is Robin William's quote, not mine. I wish I'd said it first!


  1. Oh goodness, not only do you have gyms you have parks! I really think we did not choose wisely when we plumped for Brittany. Having said that - could I put up with your summer heat? Well, maybe if I lost a few stone I could. most happily.

    Hurrah for bulb shoots beginning to emerge

  2. Hi FF,
    I was in Bretagne last May. Truly a beautiful place. I still remember the butter cakes. Oh, num! Yes, the heat here in the summer. But I come from the north and I relish it. Whenever my thighs start to sweat and stick together, I try to remember what it COULD be like. But you're welcome to visit anytime. The beaches rock!

  3. And the same back at you - come to Bretagne and we'll maybe avoid the butter cakes - but not the galettes or cidre


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