Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Old Enough to Know Better

The other day I was cleaning my very old bathroom door. I know it's old because it is put together with wooden dowels rather than nails (although I'm certain it was not originally a bathroom door and its paint has been stripped off). 

I was doing what every normal Minnesotan (land of the clean and home of the disinfected) would do. I was cleaning the dusty and dirty mouldings with a toothbrush. 

Then I had a go at my ancient shutters which I've been told are at least 300 years old.

Yep, a little elbow grease and I'll have this place looking like new. It's spring cleaning time!

Yesterday, I finally decided to buy a real piece of furniture...not just something I've found in the dumpster in order to make do. I absolutely must have some storage here and I hate things sitting out in the open collecting dust (back to that genetic Minnesota thing). I've searched everywhere for something small enough to fit up my winding stairs, practical enough to hold a bunch of junk my valuable, personal belongings, and since I'm going to actually pay for it, something great looking and well made.

I found this. I chose it because it's beautifully crafted (fairly new but with a very old door and hardware) and its builder had done such an excellent job of making the entire piece look old....as in slightly dirty and dusty.

I think I'll just stop there.  Does anybody else see the twisted irony in this situation?
Sometimes it's just good to take note of how ridiculous I can be. 
I do think though, that I'll consider retiring my toothbrush and find something better to do.

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  1. It's fabulous. Now, I'm not the kind of person who would do anything to it, but some would paint it or further distress it. Is it perfect just the way it is?

  2. Very nice, it goes very well with your doors and shutters.
    Do not clean too much, dust keeps coming back anyway....

  3. The incongruity of your actions is not lost on me! However, far be it from my to laugh too loudly as I can city far too many similar things that I have done. Best you trade that toothbrush for a glass of marvy wine and, with it in hand, sit back and admire your new / old / dusty piece of furniture!! Thanks, as always for the giggle!

  4. Love the details of your home a,d the cupboard is great. And yes, retire the toothbrush - life is definitely too short!!

  5. Lovely armoir indeed.
    I never thought of using a tooth brush and my dad was from Minnesoda too...

  6. Actually, I love the image of the toothbrush! Soft or hard?? ( I use one regularly around my sink!!)
    Loving that new piece...

  7. Love that door and those shutters are brilliant. I also love my toothbrush, it is great in the difficult corners when I feel energetic!!! Diane

  8. Paulita, it's perfect just the way it is. Of course, we still have to try to get it up the steps!

    Blandina-Okay...okay...you're absolutely right. Toothbrush...gone!

    Vickels-You don't have to tell me twice. Wine...toothbrush...what to do!

    Sharon-Thank you. Considering it's teeny, those few details are about it!

    LibbY- Now I just need a giant sized PROVENCE RUG!

    Diane-I know. I think I'll go into some sort of withdrawal when I retire this toothbrush. And the shutters are brilliant. I love the sound of their creaking as I close them.

  9. You have to be a dedicated cleaner to use a toothbrush! Not sure it's worth the effort though... especially when you look back on your life and consider that you spent most of it cleaning. It's not what I want to be remembered for, anyway (and no one will lol).

    Lovely cupboard - it's nice to have real furniture.

  10. "J'Adore" Delanna's Blog! It like biting into a cyber-baguette evey week! Keep it up, Delanna!

  11. the only times i've ever used a toothbrush to clean was at the end of pregnancies when you get that crazy nesting clean frenzy.
    i love your new wardrobe. it's my favorite color.
    xo aidan

  12. After I've changed to a new toothbrush head, the old old one takes it's turn as the 'around the taps and toilet seat fixings with the loo cleaner' brush. Nothing gets into those hard to reach places as Toilet Duck with electric wobbles. As to dust on and in furniture, you have me beat! Let it lie until visitors are due... My middle name is Slut.

  13. Sarah-I'm really not a dedicated cleaner...once in awhile I just get...overtaken by some evil force. It's gone now! And yes, it will be nice to have real furniture.

    Tony-OMG. Can I use that phrase in any of my future blog publicity? That would, of course, mean I'd have to have blog publicity!

    Aidan-Geez, I hope I'm not pregnant!

    Lesley-when I saw your comment, I was sure it was spam! Ah ha! A new use for my electric toothbrush. Brilliant!

  14. Who am I to pass judgement on you? I'm sitting here in my $98 jeans which have been bleached and torn to look aged in just the perfect way!

    It must be a midwest thing...or maybe a Marine Corps thing. My father used to threaten to make my brothers scrub the 'latrine' with a toothbrush if they couldn't improve their aim.

    Oh, Delana, I love your blog. It's filled with warmth and self depricating humor...just about the best thing since sliced pain au chocolate!

  15. Mlle. ChaussetteMarch 3, 2011 at 1:34 AM

    Very funny! And very beautiful armoire!

  16. I'm with you all the way on the toothbrush. The great thing about this tool is that it's always at hand and, when you've finished cleaning, you can pop it back in the holder next to the toothpaste.

  17. I'm so in love with the vintage of your place! How cool. And I had no idea that I was from Minnesota. I must be because I'm a fan of the clean door frame and spotless baseboard.


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