Friday, December 2, 2011

Window Licking Good

I've come to the conclusion that 3 pairs of shoes for a week in Paris are not enough. I was really so proud of myself for keeping the number down. But these old hoofs are sore and though I've been re-shod several times, I'm still feeling lame. 

Sore feet led me to peruse the shoestores in my neighborhood today. Of course I would be doing this anyway but sore feet seem as good an excuse as any. As I wandered, I came  across a teeny-tiny shop on Rue des Entrepreneurs. A wee bit small for a shoe store but you know what they say about small packages!

I first noted these (not for me, of course but good looking nonetheless) in a chocolate brown.

 Then I noticed the women's shoes in the same window that came in a multitude of colors that caught my eye....but also in varying degrees of chocolate brown. 

I'm not sure if you're getting the picture let me clarify.

Have you figured it out yet? 
Yeppers...I'd landed in a chocolate shop. With my mouth open for all kinds of obvious reasons. This little unassuming shop in the 15 arrondissement and off the beaten track was a feast for the all the senses. 

In case you're wondering, this is what one does with a chocolate shoe.

 But the folks at Jicara make all sorts of containers for their fine chocolates.

Form follows function is an underlying principal in modern architecture and design. In this case, I'm not sure which follows what!

Here in France, instead of window shopping we "lecher les vitrines" or lick the windows. Of course, we don't really....except maybe in this case!

Jicara Chocolat
91 Rue des Entrepreneurs
75015 Paris

Have a great weekend everyone. Gotta go. I've got more windows to lick.



  1. Great find Delana, I'll have to check that one out!
    bon weekend

  2. Do you wear them before you eat them though? Yum

  3. Vachement chouette!

    Or 'cowly owl' as we say in franglais...

  4. BY Dixie
    OMG I will take a dozen pair of shoes in tne largest size thely have. Extra wide too!

  5. So sweet!!! Great photos...ALMOST as good as the real thing. Nothing beats chocolate.

  6. How nice, this is truly an amazing find. How many pair did you buy?

  7. shoes and chocolate! If someone you could add a little wine to that mix... heaven!

  8. How amazing!!

    Fab to see such creativity. I shudder to think of the prices though...

  9. A sight for sore eyes, and sore palates too!

  10. How fun! I love the piano box. Definitely the key (board) to my heart!

  11. I think a feeling of too few shoes in Paris means you should have bought another pair--chocolate or otherwise ;-) But I'd go for chocolate...

  12. Great photos! I wish I was there licking the windows with you...

  13. We're all joining you vicariously - licks across screens - oh yeah!


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