Friday, March 16, 2012

Cabbage Patched

I got four days in. Four glorious days of skiing in the Alps. I have no photos of us actually skiing but I have plenty of us "resting"!

 But I promise.... I've been on the hills. And having an absolute blast!

Things seem to be slowing down a little, however.

Wednesday, Thomas, the husband of my friend Vreni, took a digger. This guy is an excellent skier and fast....really fast. So when he fell, he fell hard. But he's also a relaxed skier so his injuries were minimal;  a big, fat bruise on his upper thigh and the same behind his knee. 

Later the same day I was following Roland (a friend of Thomas's) down a hill. One minute I was behind him, the next minute he was gone. Poof! Just like that. He was there and then he wasn't.  I skied to where I last saw him, peered down over the edge of the hill, and there he was... far below. Luckily not skewered on a rock, but struggling in a pile of snow nonetheless. As soon as I knew he was alright the laughter began. But as the day went on, we realized he wasn't okay and it looks like he's done some ligament damage to his knee. One down.

That night, Vreni began her ministrations. She ran to the grocery store (not the pharmacy) and returned with two heads of cabbage. She rolled them out flat and began applying them to the injuries. Yep, a cabbage patch. I'm watching all this, laughing, and looking up cabbage cures on the internet. Sure enough, cabbage is purported to have medicinal qualities that aid in the healing of swelling and bruising. I don't know if it works but  it's an excellent way to get men to remove their pants. 

Applying cabbage to a knee injury is a straight up process.

 Getting cabbage to adhere to a rear end is a little more problematic.

I was laughing too hard to get a clear photo of this last shot.

I shouldn't have laughed (when am I going to learn this?). Because yesterday after a LONG day of skiing, and getting battered by a couple of hills of hard snow, I returned home to nurse a nasty boot bruise and eventually a knee that has progressively stiffened and swelled. My knees suck...they always have... and I don't think I actually injured it. I think I just wore it out.

So last night I found myself rolling out cabbage and applying it to my bum knee and my bruised ankle. I woke up in the middle of the night in a bit of a sweat (because of the damned wool socks I had to wear to hold the cabbage), and I smelled like the first whiffs of vegetable soup. This morning I peeled the limp, green leaves from my various body parts, and voila, the ankle seemed as good as new. Not so for the knee however. Two down.

So now Roland and I are hanging around the house for the day. It's not bad. We've got a terrace with a couple of lounge chairs situated in full sun. We've got our books.  I have my computer. I've got this to look at.

And hopefully another cabbage patch tonight will allow me to get back on the slopes tomorrow. 



  1. I'm disappointed - no mention of vin chaud to help relax the limbs :-)

  2. I think I could go for a ski trip. Without the skiing. I like the sound of the book, the computer and the view. I like cabbage in my soup. Has FOTCL (fell off the chair laughing) been invented yet?

  3. How lucky that you threw those two heads of cabbage into your bag at the last minute!

  4. What a top tip - I will try to remember it. Glad your ski pants saw some action.

  5. Hope your knee recovers quickly and you get back on the slopes. We've had weather in the 70s, so we're enjoying the sun and the blossoming trees and flowers.

  6. Sharon- Where was my head! Of course, we have had our share of hot coffee drinks mixed with all manner of I guess that counts

    Lee- When I told my mom about our injuries, her reply was "perhaps this should teach you something". I think she was getting at your idea...the book, the computer and the view...ONLY. I'm just not ready yet!

    Julie-I reached first class rank in girl scouts. Apparently it was not for nothing!

    Jacqui- It's working! I was back on skis today!

    Paulita- Oh the midwest in springtime. glorious. It should be spring when I get back to Aix. Enjoy.

  7. Ohmygoodness! Your trip and your companions sound just perfect, Delana!

    I'm so glad that no one was injured seriously, that you learned something about natural healing, and you have such wonderful friends with whom to share it all!

    Savor each moment...and let the wine flow freely! ♥

  8. Cabbages. I never would have thunk it :)

  9. Delana,
    I swear you do know how to spin a yarn. The cabbage cure? I thought I'd heard every folk remedy that existed, but this one takes the cake! Look forward to reading the sequel to see if it actually works!

  10. Delana, This is so funny. The cabbage cure! I thought I'd heard every folk remedy that existed, but this one takes the cake. I am looking forward to reading the sequel...did it work?

  11. Cabbage leaves in your bra are recommended by all good midwives when your milk comes in (and you get those sore, Pam Anderson boobs). Good to know it works for sore joints too! Definitely indulge in the vin chaud and it will all feel better soon! x

  12. The hills looked beautiful. Sorry for the injuries but glad everyone survived. Thanks for sharing

  13. I love the use of the cabbage patch. Hope the damage is healing fast. Enjoy the slopes.

    When you get back you may like to look at my pics of Biarritz.



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