Sunday, February 21, 2010

Earth Shattering, Mind Blowing, World Changing Questions About France

I've decided to periodically ask meaningful questions about my new country of residence. I'm hoping somebody can give me answers....reasonable or not!

1. How can an entire country eat soup without soda crackers?

2.What's with all the pink toilet paper?

3. How do french people make their lips do "that thing" when they talk?

4. What's with all the black clothes?

5.Who eats all that great looking stuff at the patisserrie?

6. How can a country with so many religous holidays, have so few people that go to church?

7. In the same vein, are the constantly clanging church bells a desperate attempt to change this situation?

8. Why is there not an actually word in the French language for 'hug'?



  1. ah, my sweet, these are the questions that must remain unanswered. It is what gives the French that 'je ne sais quoi'!

  2. 1. Why eat soda crackers when the bread is to die for?
    2. Oh, la la!! The pink toilet paper is new since I've been there!
    3. I want to know who they do that throat thing.
    4. Anything to look skinnier!!
    5. I was wondering the same thing!!! It sure isn't the French!
    6. Didn't your read "Pillars of The Earth?"
    7. Didn't you see "It's a Wonderful Life?"
    8. I don't remember the French hugging each other... only fake kisses to each cheek! Muah! Muah! (don't mess up my lipstick)

    God, I love FRANCE!!

  3. Hiya, enjoying your blog. It's funny that you asked about the hug--I've wondered the same thing. Also they don't seem to have a word for "date"--as in "I had a date last night." So far the closest I've come is "rendezvous"...anyone know a better word in French?

  4. Chaussete: and the questions just keep on coming, don't they? And you know as well as I that although we question and often get frustrated...we're here because we love it!

    MAWB: You're right about the's just....sometimes! I'm working my way down to the throat thing. It's tough to gargle and talk at the same time. And you're right. The French don't hug. The kisses thing is a mystery that I continue to try to solve.

    Julie: Ah ha! The word "date". I've gone around and around with French people on that one. I also have not found a word and rendezvous doesn't cut it. And you can't say (for example)...I'm rendezvousing a very hot Frenchman. But I think dating is a little different here all around. Happy to take on the job of chief researcher!

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  6. I received this comment by email:I have been practicing in front of the mirror and he's right!

    I may not have all the answers to your questions but I, for sure, have personal insight on a few of them... I will start with the lip thing..... :-() ..... It's all a simple question of the french language... and it's correct "pronunciation" (pronounce that word in french and then in english...and do it in front of the mirror)....There really isn't any sound in the english language where you really need to use your lips...In french it's ALL about lips...even when it comes to a simple yes...Try saying "oui" without lips... With "yes" it's a almost don't even need to open your mouth.....When I was learning french my teacher explained that if you want to say the french "u" correctly, just say an "e" with very pursed lips....BINGO!!....One of the reasons that the french rarely have thin lips, unless they are "fin de race," is because the beautiful french language keeps those lips in shape and on the move...That same french teacher told me that if I wanted to speak french "comme il faut" that I couldn't be afraid to use my mouth and lips much more than I was used to and differently than when speaking english....Et VOILA!!!....A much better solution than Botox. My dad was absolutely sure that all the beautiful french girls that I had photographed had all had their lips redone..


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