Friday, February 12, 2010

Messing with imperfection

Enough already!!! I've got to step away from the computer! It's sucking up my life!

I have hated the way my blog looks and being a complete idiot on this subject, I haven't really known what to do to change it or how, for that matter. And why does it really matter anyway? It's just a silly page among a gajillion others. Why do I frickin' care?!?!

So this's now 1:33 in the afternoon...I played around with it. I think I like it better. Certainly not what I ultimately want but I'm taking a break from caring. Resolution for today: Do not mess with blog site least one week.

Unless, of course, any of you tell me it sucks. In which case, I'll probably still be sitting here amidst the mess of coffee cups and wine glasses, perhaps with a stale baguette to nibble on and still in my pj's...UNTIL next week!

Bon Weekend. I gotta brush my teeth.


  1. Well, I don't know what it looked like before, because I'm new, but I think it looks terrific now!! I feel your pain, I recently gave my blog a "makeover" and it was excruciating!!

    And, full disclosure, I have not brushed my teeth yet, either!! I like your writing, I'll be back! I'm your newest follower.

  2. It totally does NOT suck, so you're good. For several weeks!

  3. I think that's lovely - are they the lavender fields of Provence? Yes, it is good to have a new look - now leave it alone and don't fiddle about with it.

  4. so far, so good. But I'm still in my jammies! What's that about? Welcome AFANM: I have checked out your site and it looks great. I also don't know how yours looked before...but it's great in my book. I always have to go read peoples early stories and when I allow myself back (oh wait, I am back) I'm going to read yours. Thank you Eileen:you couldn't have said anything nicer, or more prophetic, and FF: yes, my friend took that photo last summer when we were up in the valley. Okay, really. Teeth.

  5. Your raw honesty is what we all love.
    My friends (that don't even know you) are following you!
    Put the whip away........... !!!!!!!!!

  6. I think it looks great.

  7. looks great Delana! I need the book "blogging for dummies".


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