Saturday, April 10, 2010

Les Grand Marchés à Place des Prêcheurs

Saturday at Place des Prêcheurs is wonderful...especially when the sun is shining. In the summer when the tourist season is in full swing, the crowds can be a little frustrating, but today was glorious!

This is considered a fruit and vegetable market but there is SO much more. My intention was to show you the "more" but I realized this post would just become too long.

So today I'll just show you the incredible color of les legumes et les fruits 

This is the south of France... and a day without garlic is....well....just not a good day!

And in spite of my garlic overload last at the market I was asked out on a date! And I actually understood. Sadly, it was NOT this man...although he does live nearby.

Of course, the vegetables are not all grown here. They are shipped in during the winter just as they are at grocery stores....many of them from Spain. Sorry...I hate to burst everyone's bubble

But as the growing season moves into full swing, we'll be getting more local produce. However, these dried mushrooms are local. I'm including this photo for Keith over at A Taste of Garlic. He gave me a nice review last week in spite of the fact that I've never written a post on the apparently obligatory subject of mushrooms. This is for you Keith.

I'll leave you with this photo of one of my favorite venders at Place des Prêcheurs. Her enthusiasm is contagious...I just hope her hair color isn't! 

More on the mysteries of this particular hair color in a future post!

Next week I'll treat you to the rest of the Grand Marchés at Place des Prêcheurs. Don't you just want to make yourself a big salad right about now?

Bon Week-end!



  1. First of all why do so many women over about 40 have their hair this colour out in France? I had so much trouble with our hairdresser with telling her to tone down my reddish tint and go more for brunette. She was quite shocked that I didn't want to be the default brassy red.

    As for veg out here that is from Spain - yes, it was a big shock to me as well - and it's not like it's cheaper or better, so bugger these EU trade whatsits.

    As for Brad - it's good to see a photo of how he used to be before the dreadful beard and hair.

  2. You just took all the fun out of my steak bomb with those photos !!!!!

  3. Yes, that hair!
    And the style.
    My mother is still convinced that all French woman are lesbians.

  4. Those strawberries look AMAZING!

    I spoke to my father today, who lives in Clearwater, Florida and right now, he said, they're practically giving them away: $1 for a basket!

    They (the farmers in Florida) thought that the "cold" had ruined their crops but as it turns out, there are lots. (Can you tell I LOVE strawberries?)

  5. Slowly strolling through, absorbing the brilliantly stimulating colors, the street produce markets is one of my absolutely favorite activities in Europe. The experience gives me the most electrifying high.
    The experience is like a visual symphony that tickles my spirit and generates a joyful energy. I could stay all day until the sunset dulls the colors.
    Thank you for the Symphony Delana.

    One more thing your photo's are absolutely stunning. You truly have an artistic talent for photography

  6. The fruits and veggies look absolutely scrumptious, but what a 'hunk' with his shirt unbuttoned!

    Your photos are so beautiful!

  7. FF: I know...this is truly one of the great French mysteries. I struggle with doing my color myself...I'm too afraid of what could happen.

    Jeanmarie: What the heck is a steak bomb?

    Fly: The weird thing is, I never see this color in magazines as the "in thing". I think somebody gets a deal on haircolor and it's a plot. There is also the more magenta version of red which is also prolific

    M: They were amazing. i made strawberry shortcake. Market day is tomorrow and I'm going back for more

    Michelle: I know...I just can't resist the energy of the markets. As for my photography, thank you so much, but I don't know beans about it. Just me and my little Canon. Thank goodness for digital photography. I can keep snapping till I get it right

    Joanna: maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll have a Brad spotting.
    Do you think he still looks that good with his shirt off?

  8. No doubt, he still looks that good.

  9. I'm thinking portabella mushrooms, zucchini, and yellow squash sauteed in olive oil with lots of garlic for dinner, then some frommage, with a big old piece of fresh strawberry pie for dessert.


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