Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Marché...of all the other good stuff to eat

I've been in a funk this past week and have not felt like writing or exploring or doing much of anything. I'm not sure if I've yet dug myself out.  Nevertheless, this morning I made sure to go to the market for today's photos. I was on my way home to post them...I really was....I had all good intentions! However, I got waylaid by a little jam session at Hubelot, my neighborhood coffee shop/bar/internet cafe/now music venue! So today I'm a wee bit late posting.
When I grow up I'll try to be more responsible!

Today I want to give you a glimpse of all the other great stuff to enjoy at our daily markets. True, the fruits and vegetables are more colorful, but I can really find almost anything I need at our outdoor markets here in Aix en Provence

Who doesn't need candied fruit or salted anchovies, anyway?

In fact, the selection is endless....from bread...

to fresh eggs.

Dried meat...

fresh meat....(yes I'm afraid that is sheep's brains!)

and....NO MEAT! 
I've really got to get out of this slump and get up earlier.

We've got olives for the beginning of the meal..

and cheese for the finish.

You can even buy the meal and skip the cooking!
Like this glorious seafood paella...

and this mouthwatering roasted chicken with potatoes.
Say FROMAGE, Monsieur!

Baked goods...both sweet and savory

And artisanal products like the local honey...

and the home made nougat made from the local honey.
(which I really don't love...mostly because I don't like the word nougat!)
 This young man was kind enough to tell me all about it. All I managed to glean from the conversation is that it is a candy made with 60% honey, sugar, egg whites and nuts or dried fruit. But after all that, I really felt I had to buy some! That will teach me to keep asking questions!

Next weekend is the big, city Vide Grenier (giant thrift sale). I can't wait. Mostly because I've got to stay away from the food markets until my jeans fit a bit more comfortably!

Bon Week-end!



  1. Nice post! You're right - lots of people take photos of the fruits and veggies, but there's so much more.

    But I have to say, I want to hear more about this jam session! And, being irresponsible is sometimes exactly what you need to dig yourself out of funk. (And by the way, what's so irresponsible about posting a bit later in the day when it's so sunny and warm out there!)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm afraid that nougat is a weakness of mine and I am incapable of eating just one piece - it's the whole bag or nothing.

    We have a paella stall at our local Tuesday market but I've never tried it. I must remedy that.

    Anyway, what sort of funk have you been in? I hope they have passed.

  3. As always great photos and a wonderful way to be near France.

    Thank you.

  4. I'm hungry now! Shopped at the daily market in Croatia, OMG, lovin it.
    Love the colorful pics. I'm back!

  5. I apologize to all for my late response. Just haven't been up to it. Better now.
    Paris: I'm a sucker for music and musicians...and artists, writers, get my drift. What can I say? The weekend did me good.
    FF:I've only eaten nougat once that I actually liked. I wish I knew exactly where I got it. As for the funk...I don't know. I guess these things happen. Didn't want to speak...English or French...and I didn't want to move. I just read, felt slightly sorry for myself (which is completely stupid) and read a lot. I think all is well now.
    Joanna: I still plan on writing you a letter. It will come.
    Michelle: Good to hear from you and welcome home. Missed you.

  6. Delana,
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that the funk has passed. I want to hear about the thrift sale weekend. Is that coming up? We're moving into our house on Thursday so I may be off for a while but I'm still here.
    Aidan x

  7. That is one impressive Paella!! We made it last night in my Spanish Paella Party class. Everyone love it..but it didn't compare to that one...only in France!, or perhaps Spain...


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