Saturday, April 17, 2010

Natural Color

market day aix en provence

I had a plan this morning. Certain things that I wanted to highlight for this Saturday's trip to the market. But as is my perpetual habit, with anything remotely pertaining to "a plan" changed. Immediately. Because today, I was completely bowled over by the COLOR of it all...

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market day aix en provence color

I sometimes laugh at the term "natural colors" What does that mean, anyway? What about the color of sky and sea...

morning light...

new growth and late blooms..

the warmth of the sun...

and the calm of afternoon shadows...

colors that dance on your tongue....and make your feet dance...

not to sound sappy...or Michael Jacksony or anything...
but really...the colors of the world.

The beautiful light of Provence has returned. And with it, it brought today's festival of color. 
Color as "natural" as brown and beige. 

And in keeping with today's accidental, unplanned theme...and as is necessary for any good fête...
I accidentally bought a new pair of shoes! Don't you just hate it when that happens?




  1. Oh I heart those shoes, Delana. If I'd been with you at the market I would not have known where to look first. I'd have bought a big carton of those humungous olives, a blue dish, some spices and of course a pair of new shoes.

    Have a colourful weekend


  2. Ah ha! Finally, I know your name FF! Some things are just so truly beautiful, aren't they? Luckily, I was too busy shooting to buy more than my 15 Euro pair of sandals. But I'm wearing them now...and my piggies are happy. Actually, it looks as if my piggies need a pedicure. Enjoy the rest of your weekend....JULIE!

  3. New shoes? I swear we must be related!!!

    I just got in from shopping and guess what I bought? Go on, guess.

    Yes! A new pair of shoes!!!

    Mine are very . . . roman-sandal-ishy. Beige with a lot of glittery doo-hickies (for lack of a better word). Now I just need a sunny day to wear them ;-)

  4. Moxie:I love Roman-sandal-ishy sandals. Huge over here as well. But they make my legs look like tree trunks! Put on your best summer dress, dig out the old "sun lamp" and watch them glitter! I've never been able to understand why so many people are into drugs....when there are shoes everywhere....perfectly legal and not bad for your health!

  5. How absolutely lovely! The colours are absolutely smashing!!! It's the reason I love Provence and the markets. Absolutely fab. Love, love, LOVE the sandals.

  6. Tanya: yes they are brilliant. Soon to be yours. I just drove through Coustellet on my way to Isle sur de Sorque last weekend. I hope your man is having a wonderful time with his family. This year I vow to go to the melon festival in Cavaillon. Never in my life been to a melon festival!

  7. Love the photos and the colors..I will pass on the shoes!

  8. Great shoes Delana I had a great flea market find this morning a vintage clock with a hula girl that swings her hips sitting on top of it. A little bit of the island for my room. I was very surprised when my $1 gift actually worked when I changed the battery! have a great week!


  9. I guess the volcanic ash has not dampened the vividness of the market place. Beautiful colors! Thank you for sharing your adventures. But where is the other shoe?

  10. What great shoes! What great pictures, as usual the colors are unbeatable.

    Thank you for sharing!

  11. Thank you for sharing the beauty of color's. They fed my spirit and delighted my senses.

    I just don't know how those dandy little shoes alway's make their way into our bags.

    My shoe addiction has inundated my closet for as long as I can remember. I think it started in 1974 with the red, white and blue platform sandal's, my mom hated, and I loved.
    I absolutely love the blue sandal's. I ask, with no motive whatsoever, what size do you wear? wink wink.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous. I love all of the colors! (Nice to have more than just the Parisian 'black' to look at :)

    Sometimes you really get me thinking - why don't I live in Provence?

  13. Doug:You will have to pass on the shoes....they belong to me now!
    Carrie: Geez, I love flea markets. I found a lovely plant stand yesterday for my terrace. 2 Euros!
    Jackye: Maybe the volcanic plume is the reason for the beautiful light Saturday. Je ne c'est pas! The other shoe was already on my foot.
    Joanna: Yes, and my now manicured toes are happy campers.
    Michelle:I've got boxes of shoes at home in the States and am slowly being taken over by another batch here. I just can't help myself. Most of them are completely useless when trying to traverse this cobblestone city.
    Scion: You may not live here but it's a great place to visit and the TGV gets you here in 3h10! The beaches at Cassis rock!

  14. Oh, my. This post brought back so many wonderful memories of our time in Provence. I loved the markets and came away with colorful herbs, soaps, a tablecloth, and natural dyes for paints. Oh, and I accidentally bought a wired ribbon hat! Adorable shoes. :-)


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