Friday, April 30, 2010

Today is my there!

If you read my blog with any regularity, you've probably surmised (okay, you've been hit over the head with it) that I love birthdays. I can't help it...I just love them. On my birthday, I want to wear a crown and have someone hold a parade in my honor. I want to be surprised and delighted all day and go to sleep happy to have another year. And I love presents. YES I DO!

I have many friends who really don't like birthdays. They try to ignore them... let them pass by unnoticed by others and might in casual conversation 5 days later mention that they'd recently had a birthday. That is completely beyond my comprehension! And it makes me a little mad because I want to celebrate with them.

When I was a worker bee, the moment I came to the office, I would change my telephone message for that particular day so people would know I was really...present. And on my birthday, the message always alerted all my clients to this fabulous information. Egoist? Probably. But why not on your birthday?

Today I received a birthday card from my mom. A lovely light green card, because she always says the day of my birth reminds her of the new spring leaves she could see from her hospital window. After reading it, and getting a little teary I might add, I realized why I am this way about my day. I have to share it with you.

The "Hallmark" part of the card says:

What's a birthday other than a bunch of candles, a cake and a song?
It's a day to simply enjoy.
To be reminded how much you mean to the people who love you.
To make a wish and believe in it a little bit extra.
A birthday is yours, from start to finish...
one small space in time to honor all that you bring into the world.

But the best part is the "mom" part of the card. She wrote:

I'm not fond of cards address to "daugher"...or "sister"...or "nephew".  How about "my first born"?! But I like the message as it expresses exactly how I feel about birthdays and why we should celebrate and be proud, rather than in any way keep it to ourselves and bemoan our age. It is YOUR day...or MY day. Enjoy it, broadcast it, have others participate in the celebration! And know you are loved- your Mommy loves you, your Daddy loves you, your sister, your sons and All love you. Well, I don't have space to go into "all".  But think about it.  If it weren't for your birthday, what else would be worthwhile, what other lives wouldn't you have touched? Yes, blow out 51 candles, eat lots of angel food or carrot cake and sing your heart and lungs out and HAVE A BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY.  I love you, Delana.

Two things became very clear after I read her card. One... this birthday thing is obviously genetic! And two.... I am a very lucky (51-year-old) girl.

So, since I have always done everything my mother has ever told me to do...I'm broadcasting it.  Put on a crown and help me celebrate! And make sure to tell me when yours is. A crown is like a fabulous pair of  red does no good sitting in the closet!



  1. Happy, Happy! Even tho we only met you once, we feel the joy you blog with, and you lift our spirits! Enjoy your very special day.

  2. I've said it before but you and I have exactly the same views on SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS THAT IT IS THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR

    If you were here we would open champagne and eat lovely cake. I wish you were here in fact.

    Have a lovely day, whatever you end up doing. Even if it's nothing special because it will always be special on YOUR DAY.

    I loved the message your mom wrote - and it made me miss mine even more (but no sadness on YOUR DAY)


  3. Happy birthday, Delana. I'm with you - a birthday is to be celebrated! ALL ABOUT YOU. You go, girl. Have the best day ever!

  4. Happy Birthday to you! Hope you celebrate it well!Lovely to be able to receive a card from your Mom,the one who made your birthdate possible! I still have cards from my Mother and re-read them on my birthday,(she is gone now 4 yrs.)Enjoy and crack open the bubbly!

  5. Happy Birthday Delana! I hope you are out celebrating and that your crown is slightly askew. What a lovely Mom you have....beautiful birthday note. No wonder you have so many wonderful things to share. Here's a toast to you.

  6. Delana,
    Wow, you and RJ almost share the same birthdate! You also both have big personalities and love to cook. Lots of similarities but I am sure you don't care to be reminded.

    My 12 year old daughter Caitlyn, who has a big personality, and I share a birthday, Jan 15. She doesn't like to share so I gave all of mine to her. I have never been much into celebrating my own, being a bit of an introvert.

    Maybe on my next birthday I will celebrate big while I am still in my 50's. Remind me, help me celebrate! Maybe I will have my husband take me on a European vacation, oh now I'm getting lot's of good ideas. One thing I don't think I will do to celebrate though is eat Spam!

    You have a wonderful mom!

  7. That's very very nice Delana; and I feel exactly the same way, and my Mother also loves to celebrate with me! What a nice time of year to be born (mine is in November....).
    Did you see? I mentioned your blog in my post yesterday! you might get some traffic from it; I hope!
    It's May 1 for you now, but I trust you had a really wonderful, special day!

  8. Oh Delana! Happy happy birthday! I love birthdays too and feel that they should be celebrated to their fullest extent.

    I hope you had a wonderful day and that you ate some yummy cake to celebrate! Best wishes!!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Delana! I wish I could help you christen it :-) Hopefully, you have indulged yourself with a wonderful French pastery(ies) and, by now, have had several glorious glasses of wine.
    Cheers!!!! YEE-HAW!!!

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday!

    I agree. Celebrate your birthday out loud.

    I, too, love my birthday.

    I used to call or email my family and friends for at least 6 months before my birthday (on the date,19)reminding them that in 6 months or 4 months it will be my birthday.

  11. Thank you all for the best wishes.I've decided today is a continuation of yesterday. I had to work most of the day so those hours didn't count. I get to use them today...and maybe tomorrow...... :)But nobody gave me THEIR birthdate! What gives?

    Anon: I think you are Sherrie and thank you.

    Julie: I tell you what. We will meet soon and we will break out the bubbly together. How's that sound? I am very lucky to have my mom around and to get to talk to her often on Skype.

    Sion: I've decided the tractor parade in Paris was really for me!

    Tales: I did crack open the bubbly to be sure. The problem at 51 as opposed to 21 is the next day isn't so easy!

    Aidan: The crown I planned to wear was broken (a queen can't go out with a broken crown!) so I put on my high heeled red shoes which are nearly impossible to walk in on cobblestones and did my best to look regal. I didn't even sprain my ankle!

    Jackye:ex ex wife of ex-pectorant (this still cracks me up). Ex-pec actually sent me a birthday greeting. How completely bizarre! And yes, damn it, you MUST celebrate the next one...and let everyone help you. It's so much fun. And often there are gifts involved! I still have some spam left and since it's still my birthday.....

    Aneye: Thank you so much for that. In fact, I hadn't seen it because I've been so busy this week. That is SO COOL. Thank you.

    Tanya: Your next birthday will be in France!I'm so excited for you

    Doug: I had a glorious strawberry custard tart and some foix gras and too much champagne...and wine...and kir. Ouch!

    Joanna: I love that. What a great idea. Your birthday is the 19th of what month?

    Geez, I wish I could figure out how to respond to each of this individually rather than this long list thing. Sorry 'bout that.

  12. Dear Delana,

    In answer to your questions, my birthday is next month, June 19th.

  13. And mine is June 15th, buy I'm sure you must remember that!

    Have a great day, every day, my friend!

  14. Actually, I might. My first husband's birthday is June 17, an aunt's birthday was June 18 and my son is June23.

    A really big month, Jody

  15. Happy Birthday - I turned 60 this year and I embrace every birthday.
    I've lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin and spent time in the South of France. I am loving your narrative.

  16. Joanna and Jody: so noted. Your birthday's are on my calendar and I'll keep my crown polished and ready for action.
    Barbh: welcome, thank and Happy 60th! I'm so glad to hear that you love them too. I have not found the same enthusiasm for birthdays here in France but I know it must exist. So I have two questions for you. Where do you live now, and how did you end up reading my blog?


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