Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back in the Saddle

I've been away from my blog for nearly two weeks and I've got to tell you...I really missed it. I miss writing it, I miss reading other bloggers, I miss the communication from commentors. I stayed away on purpose. I decided I needed to give my arm time to heal and I've been icing, attempting to use a sling (although that was an exercise in futility), carrying a light weight back-pack and no purse, taking enough ibuprofin to turn my stomach inside out and avoiding my little Mac. And it does feel better. Not great, but better. I keep wondering though, if it just feels better because now it just goes numb!

Yesterday, I went to Ikea (pronounced Eekayah) and bought a new office chair that allows me to sit higher and that seems to help. The problem is, it's not a fancy leather one with brakes on the rollers. I live in a hot, 400-year-old apartment whose old stone floors and support beams sag with the weight of time. My chair wants to roll to the middle of the room whenever I sit down and when I stand up, the sweat produced from sitting on plastic causes the chair to make a valiant attempt to stand with me. I see another writing injury in my future! One day they're going to find me on the other side of the room, my head in the fishbowl, my ass in the air with the wheels of the chair that is still stuck to it, turning slowing in the breeze. This is really not the way I pictured my demise. I've now set up a little chair corral on the floor consisting of file boxes and the litter box and have the fan pointed directly at my rear end. Needless to say, it's not a perfect set-up but it's gotten me back here. Which is a very good thing for me.

I have another excuse for my absence as well. My two girlfriends, (the 3 of us met while living in a convent in London in 1980) came to France to grace me with their unfailing friendship. I have seen Jeanmarie almost every year since our London days. But it's been 17 years and one divorce each since I've seen Vicky. It was a glorious 2 weeks and I was not willing to take the time out to painfully pound out an article.

So I'm back on the horse so to speak.  It's really just a sticky, cheap, black plastic office chair, but a saddle nonethless. And I'm so happy to say "see y'all tomorrow".



  1. Welcome back, Delana! I've missed reading your blog and was delighted to read this one. What a hilarious image of your 'demise'!!

    Girlfriends are the greatest blessing of my life, and I can only imagine what fun the three of you must have had. That alone is enough to heal most any hurt.

    You're looking good in your sticky, plastic saddle...enjoy the ride!

  2. yee haw!!! Missed you, girlfriend! welcome back, and lets do catch up.

  3. Yippee-i-o-ki-yay!
    Glad to hear you are feeling better!
    When you're sitting on your new chair, just pretend you are back in a University apartment! And, I'm certain that you could invent a game or two implementing the grade of your floor!

    Take care-love life-

  4. Welcome back! I missed your posts. They served as little visits to my beloved France.

    I hope you're healing continues!

  5. Hi Cowgirl, welcome back! I have the pain thing too...let me know if you find a chair that works. Your description of your demise is hysterical. Meanwhile, you have to get air conditioning! I can't tell you how it changed my life in Provence. Get the kind they mount on the wall...with the remote...worth every penny. Bon Courage!

  6. Delana:
    Very amusing indeed! We're so glad you're back.... but keep that ice coming.
    I'm totally preoccupied all this week, as you know, but have been giving MUCH thought to our venture. Some great new ideas....can't wait to talk in less than a month (yes, it's coming quickly....) oxox

  7. I missed the part where you hurt your arm. Is is from using your little mac computer?

    I had to learn all about ergonomic computer stuff cuz I had spine surgery a year ago so I have to be perfect (ya sure) when I'm using my computer which is WAY too much ( I have a slight addiction...)

    Good that you're sitting high enough to let your arms be low when you type. I have to have my elbows by my side and my arms kept at waist level to take the pressure off my spine.

    Google ergonomic computer use. It really helps to use your little mac with good body mechanics.

    Your sweaty butt should not be a problem LOL


  8. Dear Delana,

    Missed you! Glad you're back!

    I can vision the chair and it's wheels rolling in the air.


  9. Glad you are back,missed my fix from Provence!

  10. Welcome back to (blog)life!

    I have to admit: I've been a little "away" as well. Only I don't have as good a reason as you do.

  11. Delana,
    Welcome back cowgirl! Maybe you should quit fighting the saddle and just let it settle where it wants to be in the middle of the room. Move your desk there. Glad you are back!

  12. Thank you all so much for your well wishes. It really feels so nice to be missed. Now just trying to catch up on reading everybody else!

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