Thursday, August 19, 2010

Scientific Breakthrough!

CARRY, FRANCE: This just in.... the French have developed a new, highly effective sunscreen. It protects you from the sun yet allows your body to absorb vitamin D, it doesn't harm the environment, it is capable of clinging to you in the water, it rarely causes a rash (unless it has been contaminated in some way) and most often it doesn't burn your eyes. It's a simple theory really....COVER UP. But the French interpretation beats a t-shirt, hat and and zinc oxide smeared across your nose.



  1. Can't argue with the French. After all it is a fabulous idea.

  2. And, as usual, who gets the benefit of the sunscreen? Macho society, France.

  3. Delana, you just won the Laugh of the Day Award!

    I must add that I've seen more than enough men on the beach who definitely burned my eyes...and not in a good way! I guess that could go both ways, though, right?

    Thanks for the clever post!

  4. Absolutely hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!!!

  5. Ironically, it also seems to work here on Minnesota beaches! Thanks to the French for their inspiration.

  6. LOL! How very French :) I think this maybe why my French Hubby always forgets to put on his sunscreen - He's obviously hoping I'll be his natural protection!

  7. Gotta love those French!

  8. That doesn't surprise me. I got an eye full of lovers expressing their feelings when I was in Paris. I'm not a prude but it did get to be a bit much. I think some of them chewed on each other more than their food at some of the restaurants lol.

  9. hmmmm or ewwwww depending on the couple! but still more attractive then the hats, tee shirts and gooey cream!

  10. How did you get that picture of me? I wish. lol

  11. Lisa- oui, toujours c'est l'amour!

    JoAnna-somehow I've got to get myself on the receiving end!

    Fly-Like I said to Joanna

    Jo-believe me, there's plenty to burn your eyes here as well. Like speedos for instance.

    Tanya- once you get moved in you'll be taking it in with your own eyes.

    Gary-in the puritan midwest. Je ne l'ai jamais vu!

    Piglet- You're just figuring that out?

    Sherri- Just give me the opportunity!

    Lynn- yeppers, there's a different attitude about love here.

    Holly- haven't seen a t-shirt on the beach yet..but I'm sure they exist. There's always the Germans.

    Phil-Beware Phil I have lots more photos of you!

  12. Really? Bring 'em on! hehehehe. Not not that one!


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