Friday, October 22, 2010

Attention Deficit

Visitor season is not quite over yet. My mom and my aunt are arriving Saturday and will stay for two weeks. In December, my niece will be staying with me for a week as part of her after-college-European-adventure (feels kind of good to be included in a  22-year-old's adventure!) Anyway, all this is well and good and I am excited about their visits. 

However, I'm a college student now. And just as when I was a student 25  30 years ago, diversions are...just so diverting!  I have absolutely no innate attention span. I can't even get dressed in the morning without finding something else that interests me more... in between my dress, my boots, my hair, etc....Geez!  I thought I'd grow out of this eventually! And I'm trying so hard to be a good student. You know....tow the line...get home immediately after class and start my studies. But let me just say, it's not easy getting home from school each day without being redirected from all my good intentions.

First there's the Parc Jourdan. On a beautiful, sunny day...which is most days...I just want to "park it".

It's a great place to study but I really want to do this...

Then there's the flower shop. When my favorite vendor at the market stops selling her garden sunflowers for 5 euros a bunch, this will be more difficult to pass up. Because a house SHOULD have flowers in it at all times!

And then I have to pass this least 4 or 5 times depending upon which route I take. Yesterday, I was not strong.

When I arrive at Cours Mirabeau I have to walk past about 5 cafes that call my favorite is Le Grillon.

 And of course, there are the shoe stores. My little problem is boots. OMG! I WANT them all! This is a lifelong weakness that has only been exacerbated by living in France.

Why the hell do they leave their doors open? It's an evil trap, that's all I'm sayin'!

Then of course, there are at least 5 lingerie stores on the way. This has never been a weakness before...but France has changed that!

If I were to fall to my need (okay...want) to own this little set, it would put me out to the tune of 150 euros.

 Then, just when I think I'm out of the woods, there is Place Richelme.  A coffee and a little people watching can't hurt, can it? But no...I must keep moving.

then there's the wine store... the ice cream shop...more boots, more bakeries, the roasted chestnut vendor...

and when the finish line is finally in sight... there is one more shoe store. And this pair of red boots. I'm hoping they will eventually just go away so I can wipe the drool off my mouth and think about more important things. Like world peace.

But I have not succumbed. And just as the smell of victory begins to waft beneath my nostrils, I need to walk through the Place de Marie. And between the sunshine, the jazz musicians playing under the Plane tree, and the cafe crême that I must a reward for walking past those red boots, I cannot stop myself from sitting down to delay...for just a few moments...writing my paper that's due tomorrow morning.

I guess I won't have to worry about visitors diverting me from my studies. I have (almost) proven how strong I can really be! However, it would be nice if they brought a little Ritalin with them in their carry-ons.



  1. Oh those boots..... and I'm not even a boot person!
    Labels are on their way to me, so send me the two names, ok?
    Will do drawings on my flight to S.F. tomorrow (I got bumped up to business class!!! have no idea why!).

  2. Boujour Delana

    OMG, You are living in heaven. I want to visit you too.(smile)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Julie xx

  3. Delana,
    First.What did you buy at the bakery? YUM!
    And second, I too have a boot thing. Can't resist them and have made it a tradition to buy a pair on all my travels. Paris with my American girlfriends in November? Boots!
    x a

  4. LibbY-I'm trying to resist...but don't be surprised if I'm wearing them the next time I see you. Geez, I thought I sent those names to you. I'm on it!

    Julie-in heaven there are no strikes and there's gasoline at every station. is pretty darned nice here!

    Aidan-I bought a palmier which I love....AND a raspberry crumble which was to die for. You've got girlfriend time coming up? In Paris? Ooohh...I can't wait to read that blog! And see the new boots!

  5. At least your diversions are fabulous. I'm sitting here grading papers and being lured away by blogs like yours. Maybe your own professors will be equally distracted as they grade your paper.

  6. Paulita- I can only hope. Because I'm never going to understand the difference between que and qui....never!

  7. Wow! I really don't want to leave this post. I want to stay in shoe and boot heaven.

  8. There is no way you should be expected to get anything done with all those fabulous things to look at. Aren't red boots a necessity like food and water?

  9. Bonjour Delana, who wouldn't want to visit you if a simple walk takes you through such a heavenly landscape. Hope you got your paper done!

    Pichets in Paris

  10. Congrats on going back to study, maybe you should make it a thesis on the French retail market!

    My French Country HOme


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