Friday, February 4, 2011

Lingerie questions....answered

This afternoon I browsing through one of my favorite deal sites, Vente-Privee, and thought I'd check out some new lingerie offerings. Hey, it's high end stuff at a fraction of the regular price, and I will NEVER pay 150 euros for a bra. NEVER!  Now, when shopping on-line one has to be sure, so I clicked on details where I found a complete description of this particular black lace number. There were a few words that I didn't fully understand (hey, I can buy carrots and sign up for health insurance but this is learn as you go!) so I ran the description through a translater. This is what I now know about French lingerie thanks to Google Translate:

Balconette bra underwired

Moulded cups
Adjustable straps
Contrasting embroidered tulle on top caps
Closed with staples

Don't ever let it be said that this blog isn't jam packed full of good information! 



  1. Ouch! No thanks, I'll pass. :-)

    I tried to get into the oh-so-chic website, but didn't want to "devenez membre" so I guess I'll just have to imagine what delights there!

    Your last post on French women and their lingerie inspired me (and several of my friends) to adopt a new, more luxurious way of thinking about our undies. I'm officially addicted to pretty lace now!

    Thanks for the smile today, Delana.

  2. Delana,
    Did you also investigate the matching skivvies? I suspect any staples would seriously inflict pain on the butt flap...

  3. so that's why i always go off at airports!!!

  4. Delana,
    I laughed my head off when I read this...then I showed it to my French hubby and now his head, too, is rolling on the floor. I lived in Paris for years with balconettes adorning every street corner. Pat

  5. but did you buy anything? that's the question.
    and also. blogapalooza?

  6. LOL! I love your buying carrots end up with insurance reference!

    Vente-privee is my fave site but I've had to ban myself from it! Too dangerous for the CB!

    What fun translations, sure does make you wonder...

  7. Google is great to give you the gist of what is on a site but I find there are often son real weird translations. I keep the dictionary close at hand! I can just imagine stapling on my underclothes :)))) Diane

  8. I stopped buying bras on vente-prive when I bought some Wonderbras in the right size, but they must have been seconds because they were actually one size smaller and were excruciating so I had to send them back.

    I now use

  9. Oh my!! staples might be a bit painful - I wonder if they come complete with stapler - ooch!!

  10. Why would anyone pay that much for a bra?


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