Friday, June 24, 2011

Cherry, cherry

For a summer that seemed a little bleak, things have been shaping up quite nicely. I had zero plans coming back to France after my trip to the states. But I haven't seemed to stop since I got home. I spent last weekend in the Camargue with my friends and what seems to be my new family. I spent time at the beach and attended my first Course Carmagaise (a bullfight...more like bullplay, native to the Camargue, which does not involve killing the bull or hurting him in any way, although I do think he's got to be traumatized by the whole thing).

Tuesday night I went to my friend Lynn's for dinner. As usual, I was asked to bring dessert. I'm always happy to do this because I can't make desserts simply for myself and expect to stay away from them. But I see so many great recipes from fellow bloggers that I am dying to try and my friends know it.

 It's cherry time here and I just can't stop eating them. Numerous varieties which I never understand, but the venders always know which is the best fruit for my purposes. I saw this recipe on Sharon's site over at My French Country Home.  Yes, again. Sharon's going to be the death of me, I swear!  But this recipe, Cherry Clafoutis, is typically French and this was my opportunity.

As I said,  I love cherries. I just don't like anything...ANYTHING...made with them. Not ice cream, not yogurt, and especially not cherry pie. So I made this recipe with low expectations. In spite of the fact that is was just "good" for me, my French friends loved it, said it was honestly the best Clafoutis they've ever eaten and asked for the recipe. So if you like cherry stuff...try this. (by the way, when she says corn flour she means corn starch...oh yes, and don't bother pitting them...just warn people ahead of time)

So anticipating ONE MORE TIME boarding a bus with baked goods, I stopped at the culinary store. I asked the vender if he one of thoses boxes made to carry les tartes. He said, "you mean one of those round, plastic boxes with a handle?"

"Yes, yes...exactly!"

"Madame, this is a German idea...or perhaps American."

"What do you mean?"

"This is not in the spirit of the French. We make cakes....we eat cakes...but we DO NOT carry them around."


"No madame, when we are asked to dinner....we take flowers."

Well, I guess I've been told! You have to understand that this guy is a comedian and all the old ladies hang out at his store just to laugh with him. But still...I've been told!

And I don't care one single bit. Sharon and all the rest of you, keep bringing on those recipes. They rock! And I will continue to board buses with my cakes wrapped in Glad Press n Seal, squished at the bottom of my ever-present bag...

I'm off to Malta for the weekend. Have a great one whatever you are doing.



  1. I love clafouti, so I will definitely try your recipe. It is true that bringing something for dinner is probably an American idea. The French are probably too much control freaks to let someone else bring a course! Have a great trip. What a life!

  2. I love making clafoutis with many different fruits...cherry is the best, though!

    If everyone is bringing flowers to their hosts, I can only imagine how eagerly they await YOUR arrival. I'll take dessert over flowers any day!

    Enjoy the surprisingly delightful summer, Delana...I'm enjoying just reading about it!

  3. I too LOVE fresh cherries, but do not like anything MADE with cherries :) Yesterday I ate an entire pound of cherries by MYSELF! it's probably not a good idea, but I LOVE fruit at this time of year :)

  4. What a great, funny post. Honestly, I have never had a good clafouti where I didn't wonder why they just didn't serve fresh cherries instead!

    As for cherry ice-cream - bleh!

    I love the comedian and the cake line.

    Thanks for the French moment!

  5. I love a good clafouti. I love a good anything...but what really caught my attention was the "I'm off to Malta for the weekend" part. Enjoy yourself. Relax, unwind, drink in the sunshine. Ah, I'm relaxing just typing that. Can't wait to hear about this adventure.

  6. I love cherries especially right off the neighbors tree. Have fun in Malta...enjoy the relic rocks!

  7. I think this is important to note: he's a guy. 'Cause my French girlfriends, they come with CAKE (like, yesterday's perfect--!!--sour cherry cake). Or jam, or vinegar, or something. And potluck is called auberge espagnole here, lots of carrying going on at those.

    I keep getting cherries, thinking I am going to make something, but I can't really seem to beat eating them by the fistful. They have been so good I've been hoarding and hiding them from the kids...because, I mean, you have to have lived a bit to appreciate how good these cherries are, you know?


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