Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Desperately Seeking Solutions

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am an expatriate American living in the south of France. I have been meaning to write to you for the past 2 years but this morning I used up my last roll of Glad Press-n-Seal and this loss has moved me forward.

It is astounding to me that a country like France continues to struggle with unusable, antiquated plastic wrap. I am continually watching people fight, contort, cajole, and often finally give up when trying to cover their leftovers .  Their defeat often leaves refrigerators smelling like cheese. The cheese here is divine…..it tastes like a dream but it smells like a nightmare! What is so amazing to me is that a superior product has been invented. Why do the French people continue to suffer?

Those of us Americans who live here always make sure to return with several roles of this magic. I have given it as gifts to my French friends and have found that demonstrating its efficacy is a great party game!

I may sound light-hearted but, in fact, I’m dead serious. I propose that you begin marketing your Press-n-Seal products here in France. This is your opportunity to open a new market as well as save a nation.

Of course, I would like to be the person to help you. With my background in marketing and my passable French, together we could bring this country out of the depths of despair. A mercy mission with monetary rewards. A “Keep It Fresh” D-Day if you will.

I look forward to hearing your response. We are suffering.

Deepest Respect,


Yes, I really did send this. Perhaps I have too much time on my hands!


  1. Maybe you can extend your marketing expertise to Italy (this is an unkown product for us as well).
    And while you are at it, please also let us have some Reynolds Heavy Duty Wrap, so heavy to carry in my luggage when travelling from the States.

  2. I'll bring a suitcase full of this nonsense and another full of Skippy in September !!!
    In fact, maybe I'll stay in France with you & become a peddler of various wraps ! We really do have to start thinking about that "retirement" plan !

  3. Thanks for reminding me! I thought I had done my last grocery store run, prior to my Friday departure. But I forgot the Press N Seal so back I go. Got lots of nice Ziploc bags, though!

  4. Oh my Delana! and to Australia - I have not seen this product and you will find me in the kitchen just like the French - trying to cover bowls with cling wrap that will not cling. I must lobby my local supermarche -tout de suite-

  5. Maybe the French don't use it because it is plastic and not good for you? Americans are plastic crazy! And do they really have left-overs in the same way we do? Believe it or not I don't buy the stuff. Maybe I'm old-fashioned. Marcia said the same thing - that's all she misses living in France - the Sar
    an Wrap! Because I never use it - I put leftovers in a bowl and put a plate on top - that is one thing I will not miss when I finally get my butt to France! That means I might not miss anything at all, except of course my family :)

  6. Oh yes, how can something so simple be so challenging...looks like you have a new gig. Selling Glad Press n Seal door to door in Provence! Do you deliver to Switzerland!


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