Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small Business Saturday

In support of Small Business Saturday, and the start of the holiday season, come on over to PROVENCE RUGS  where we are offering you 10% off anything and everything you buy! This offer will be good through November 30th. 

After you look around and put your items into the cart, just use
this code: BLFR2011 at checkout. 

Here's a sampling of what you will find: lots of goodies just perfect for holiday gifts. And we 
also offer Gift Certificates!

Here's the scoop on Small Business Saturday:

You need to come out and support any and all small businesses, whether on-line or a brick and mortar store.  After "Black Friday" when everyone (make that, most people) have spent time at the huge mega malls shopping with all the crowds, this is the day to discover just what you can find at smaller businesses. 

Just click here to read more about this.
You can like it on FB, and you can sign up with American Express to receive a $25 rebate on 
your next bill when you use the card tomorrow November 26th, Small Business Saturday.

Have fun shopping. 


P.S. Sorry about the shameless plug. I know, my job is to write about my life in Provence. But I've got to figure out a way to keep me here! I'll try to keep quiet about it from now on....but that's hard when I'm so excited!


  1. You should never apologize for promoting your business. How could anyone not love it? Whether tomorrow or before Nov. 30, I plan to buy from Provence Rugs. 10% savings is a real bonus, but I would shop even without the savings.

  2. Plugs for genuine business don't bother me at all.

  3. Thank you both. But I'll still try to keep it to a minimum!

  4. Promote away Dahling. Aren't we all promoting something? In fact, now that I've finished nanowrimo and before the tough editing begins, I'll tweet a little for ya.

  5. I loved your gift selections and you can be sure that I will be using your company in the near future. My children live a distance from me and I love to send things in the mail to them.

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