Tuesday, January 1, 2013

France Factor

They say the best way to kill a blog is to stop posting for awhile. I do this frequently. I'm truly surprised this puppy is not dead in the water and my New Year's resolution is to try to post more regularly while I'm traveling. And to get rid of belly fat.

However, my blog is supposed to be about my life in France. The ups and downs of my daily, normal life wouldn't be very interesting without the France Factor. I mean, writing about belly fat would just be a bummer unless it's been directly caused by an overabundance of French cheese and wine. The subject of shedding it is equally stale unless I'm consistently tempted by said items.  And how do I write about France when I've been spending so much time in the United States lately?

So today, my France Factor is the book giveaway from my last post. Yes folks, we have a winner of Paulita Kincer's new book, The Summer of France. As usual, it was a secure drawing done with the utmost professionalism. . . .scraps of paper in a bowl on the patio.

And was overseen by the keen eye of Nelsen, my former canine whom I abandoned to my son when I moved to France four years ago (obviously he's still really troubled by my rejection).

The winner of Paulita's book is Jacqui from The French Village Diaries. Congratulations Jacqui. I know it was supposed to be a Christmas present but you'll now have to consider it your first read of the New Year. And those of you who didn't win it, thank you for reading and entering. Now, buy it!

 I WILL write next week when I get back to Minnesota (I'm currently freezing my plump, after-Christmas-butt off in Mesa, Arizona where I'm visiting my son). After all, I only have two New Year's resolutions and this seems to be the easiest to accomplish. That belly fat issue is going to take some real work!

I wish all of you a New Year full of contentment, prosperity, love and rockin' attitude!

 See you on the flip side of 2012.



  1. The great thing about blogs is you can just plug them into a feed reader. So it doesn't matter if you don't blog for a month or six. As soon as you do it shows up and I read it.. .and then comment on New Years Eve :)

    I do hope you blog more. I love reading your stuff.

    Have a happy and healthy 2013

  2. I love your posts and your humor so much that I wish you would write also about your adventures in the States . I am sure that you would find entertaining topics even without the French Factor!
    Happy New Year from California, aren't we close?

  3. Welcome back to the blog. I always come here the instant it appears on my Blogger Reading List. Sigh... I was really hoping to win the book giveaway, but I'll check Amazon. That'll generate another alert from my credit card company, just doing what I told them to do when I run over a particular amount.

    Will you be back to France sometime? I'll be practically in your neighborhood a couple of times in 2013 but without transportation, as I'll be on a tour.

    Keep warm in Minnesota!

  4. Bonne année and much French factor!

    ♥ Franka

  5. Don't knock belly fat!
    Loads of charlatans make a good living from writing about it!

    Always glad to see 'du jour' looming up on the reading list, what ever you write about.

  6. Thank you so much, if there is one thing I love it is a book on France! Once read I will post a review on www.frenchvillagediaries.com happy New Year.

  7. Delana, I echo the words of your blog readers who love it any time you post here. Jacqui, Congratulations. I'll be contacting to get you a copy of my book.

  8. Ditto to all of the above. Just happy to read when you feel like writing.
    Enjoy your time wherever you find yourself.
    Best wishes for 2013!
    Sylvia S.

  9. You have a cute puppy and a nice place to celebrate the New Year!

  10. I was getting rid of my belly fat with zumba but after 2 weeks off with Christmas and New Year eating it all back on again, I've got some work to do.

    Happy New Year!

  11. I haven't even talked to you since I met you in Paris.. My new years resolution is to take care of my blog. (LOL)
    Hope everything is well with you dear Delana.

    Julie xx
    Bonne année

  12. LOL! So many of us - including me - have the same concerns and resolutions....
    Anne Touraine (Playing with Scarves)

  13. Must admit I've been committing blog-o-cide lately as well. Life gets in the way of words sometimes - travel, illness, family obligations, holidays. We all come back though. And congrats to Jacqui. It's fun to win something.


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