Saturday, July 10, 2010

Strokes of Lavender and Sunshine

There are moments when I see things…wherever I am…and I feel as if I’ve walked into a painting. I’m sure everyone has these moments…. you know, when you are just knocked out by the beauty of it all. That moment when you are sure that even if you had the ability to paint, or take a photograph, or write a song or a poem…that with all the talent you could possibly posses, it would never be enough to express this most beautiful thing that you are privileged to view. But you ache to do it just the same.

Today’s article was to be about lavender, that venerated plant that grows abundantly here in Provence. 

But as I was looking at my photos from last summer, I realized that the endless fields of lavender growing next to the luminous expanse of sunflowers…. cannot be explained.  They must be seen.! 

Enjoy…but try to imagine the low drone of the bees as they feast on their buffet of purple… 

and the perfumed air as the hot sun cooks and coaxes the oils and a light wind stirs the scent and wafts it past your nose.

 It’s like art…. but better… because all the senses get to participate.

It's lavender time in Provence. I just had to share!

 photos courtesy of Tony Neuman, lavender connaisseur and tour guide extraordinaire


  1. That was a wonderful set of photographs...I only saw lavender fields inProvenceonce...but the memory was revived, as fresh as new, by your post.
    Up here, where there is 'set aside' in operation, you occasionally come across big fields of flax...a soft, misty blue...perhaps more appropriate a colour for other more northern skies.

  2. Yes, you had to share - what incredible field of lavender. I love the color, the scent, and the countryside. Thank you, Delana!

  3. I can almost smell it! Lavender is the most popular essential oil we sell in our shop. Someday I need to stand in one of those fields!

  4. Beautiful photos I so want to see those fields for myself,have been to Provence but not at lavender time although I have seen sunflower fields aplenty throughout France! You are so lucky to live in this lovely area!

  5. Delana,

    Absolutely beautiful photos. I cannot imagine what it must be like to view this up close and in person.


  6. Lavender is everywhere but not the spectacle of your pictures. I saw fields in hot southern Utah last week. And lavender farms near Sequim, WA last year. Now I HAVE to see lavender in Provence!

  7. I want to go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have a lovely sunflower field not far from our house, but the photo of the lavender next to the sunflowers is a stunner!

  8. Simply gorgeous. I'm bringing my Mom there in a couple of weeks, can't wait to see it with her.

  9. Oh, my goodness! What a lovely, luscious, luminous post. Thank you so much for sharing the photos with us. I can't imagine what that must be like to see it in person!

    I especially love the color blocking effect of the sunflowers and lavender...exquisite!

  10. That settles it. Someday, somehow, I am coming back when the lavender is in bloom.

  11. Oh Delana: the smell, the texture, the color, the heat, the cicadas. I miss it all and can almost...... imagine being there.
    There is truly nothing like it!

  12. I was admiring lavender fields in Provence just this weekend but was too hot to stop the car, get out and take some photos. What a delight it is therefore, to be doing some catching up and to see this lovely post here :)

    Did you know that Lavender is often used at Provencal weddings instead of confetti? We had it at our wedding and it was beautiful as it filled the old village square with the scent of lavender.

  13. Lovely. A break from the hot city steam we have going on in Chicago.

  14. This is one of my see the real thing. Thank you for sharing!!!


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