Monday, May 2, 2011

And Many Hormonal Returns

Saturday was my birthday. And I behaved completely out of character. During the days before The Grand Event, I fell into some sort of premenstrual/ menopausal funk (how can this possibly be fair?), although I didn't know what the hell was the matter with me at the time, and I had no desire to announce my day to the world. This is not like me. I normally take every, single opportunity to tell the world it's my birthday and revel in the warm fuzzies of it all.  But this year, I didn't send out a pre-announcement on my blog, I put nothing on facebook, I didn't even take out an ad in the newspaper (which I've never done but I've considered it!)

I mourned the fact that I still hadn't found a birthday crown, I took a gander at the royal wedding and realized the damned princess had made off with MY crown,  I half-heartedly tried to decide which pair of high heals I'd wear to make up for the missing crown, I baked another tarte au citron and tried a new, fabulous, simple recipe for a Hazelnut-Chocolate torte, which I found over at Darjeeling Dreams, another one of my go-to blogs for great recipes.

There's something amazingly therapeutic about beating egg whites, don't you think? 

I wrote a couple of completely dismal, self-pitying emails, I wondered if I was going crazy...and then...

I woke up Saturday find the hormonal haze had lifted and it was going to be a great day!

And it was. I once again boarded the bus, this time headed for Lynn's house, with a sack full of baked goods, announced to the bus driver and all who could hear me (which I assume was everybody on the bus...I was feeling so great) that it was my birthday and I let them sing for me.

I lunched with these fabulous women

Upon my return, I announced to the landlord (who happened to be in the upstairs window) that it was my birthday so that I could graciously receive my birthday kisses from he and his wife.

I had dinner with more friends and partied until two am. I even took the liberty of taking a birthday extension (which I did announce on facebook....obviously feeling myself again) and went to the market and dined with more friends on Sunday night.

There was no announcement, no crown, no high heels...and it was still a great day weekend. My mom's card this year said "behind every super woman is a great pair of shoes". This is what I ended up wearing this weekend....

and I still felt REGAL! Birthdays have a way of doing that. They're even stronger than wacked-out hormones.



  1. I missed the party! Happy birthday (if a bit late).

  2. Happy belated birthday Delana! The day sounds like it was a wonderful one. I wish you an equally wonderful year ahead!!!

  3. Love this blog! And I love birthdays! May we have many more!

  4. Delana, you are unique.
    I am sure that you wrote this post for me, to lift the negativity from myself and encourage to look at life with renowed enthusiasm.
    Thank you for your words, you are a kind soul.

  5. Mark- I'm of the firm belief that a party is never missed. It's just an opportunity for another one.

    Tanya-Thank you so much. Every year gets better. It really far.

    Beth-Thank you so much. And welcome

    Blandina-We're all in the same boat now and again. Some days just suck. Others...make up for the sucky ones!

  6. Happy Birthday!! yet another reason to celebrate =)

  7. Delana, I learned long ago that birthdays are what I make of them. No since waiting for other people to make them special. It looks like you did a fabulous job at celebrating. Happy Birthday!

  8. Sunshine, tarte au citron and good friends? No wonder you had a great birthday! Joyeux anniversaire!

  9. Again I missed celebrating your birthday with you. I am glad you had a fabulous weekend. You deserve it. When are you coming home?

  10. Cheers to your birthday and cheers to feeling regal!
    And Fifty would have gladly loaned you his crown :-)

  11. Glad you got out of your haze and celebrated in style! Sounds like you had a fabulous birthday weekend. Hope the birthday happiness trickles into this week for you!

  12. Happy Birthday Delana! Yay - you had a great day - must remember the bit about beating egg-whites when my turn comes around!!

  13. And you'd have been out of your menopausal haze much faster if you'd followed old French advice and taken the appropriate wine....
    You might have emerged from one haze into another afterwards, but it wouldn't have been menopausal...
    Many more happy birthdays to you.

  14. Happy, happy, HAPPY - althought belated - birthday!!! Wishing you the best year EVER!!!

  15. HAppy belated birthday...sounds like a great one...I hope there was lots of dancing in those boots....xv

  16. Happy Birthday Delana...your post sounded like me...I used to have a countdown in college reminding my roomies...only 325 ect. more shopping days til my bday. ha ha


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