Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More IS Better

This is a peanut butter stupor. Okay, 2 people know this is not true so I have to be honest. It's an alcohol induced stupor brought on by a night on the terrace with my girls. Wine, trash talk, more wine, not enough food, more trash talk (I truly hope the neighbors near the mansion can't speak English).....and then came the peanut butter. But all the same, I'm blaming it all on my girls. 

Jeanmarie and Victoria, my two fine friends who I met while we were all living in a convent in London in 1980, came to visit once again. They knew that they would each be taking a suitcase full of contraband back to the states for me, so they both arrived with said suitcase filled with goodies for me. In keeping with the American tradition of 'if one is good, more must be better', their extra suitcases resembled Mary Poppins' magic bag.

And as a result I now have 7 rolls of Press-n-Seal, 22 pounds (yes, pounds!) of Skippy Extra Chunk, 3 cans of Spam, 7 pounds of brown sugar, 3 boxes of Nilla Wafers (I can now make my friend Susan's banana pudding recipe), 1 bag of marshmallows, 1 box of graham crackers, 5 extra-large boxes of Ziploc bags, 2 bottles of Tero ant killer, 2 bottles of my favorite contact lens solution, and other assorted stuff. I’m delighted with all my treasures, except for the major problem of having to find a place in this apartment to store everything. I mean, really! Even I can’t go through 22 pounds of peanut butter…um…can I? But I do know I can kill every single sweet-eating ant in the south of France with 2 bottles of Tero.

And please note the 2...yes 2...cake carriers. These were a present from Victoria who had read about my cake carrying troubles and wanted to surprise me. One is even collapsable and when fully opened, will carry two layers of cupcakes. I guess now I'll have to make cupcakes. In the meantime however, I'll store my ziploc bags in them. 

The girls are gone now and I miss them. I miss their grief and their support, their insecurities and their strength, their humor and their tears, their chastising and their acceptance. 

Here's to fine and lasting friendships. In this case it is true... if one is good...more is ALWAYS better. 



  1. I adore your humanity Delana, you own up to things that I'd never dare make public - such natural charm!! Sweet picture of you and your girl friends, I bet you've hardly changed from your convent days!!

  2. Hi Delana

    All very interesting but...

    I want to hear all about living in a convent in London!

    I always wanted to live in a convent but they wouldn't let me!

    All the best


    P.S. I hope you've done your freezer compartment?

  3. Bet you had a headache but I am sure it was worth it LOL. Looks like you did very well out of their visit. Diane

  4. A smile, a laugh... a tear, while reading what only you could say so well.. Miss you two tons ! xo Vic

  5. I thought I'd miss the visits from friends once moving to the other side of the Atlantic...far from it!
    They've arrived in droves with more to come...and all bringing the contraband in their suitcases!
    Anyone who will bring you kippers in their carry on bag is a real friend!

  6. Oh Delana, aren't friends the absolute best gift we've been given? I so really, really appreciate mine right now and your post brought tears to my eyes. Here's to trash talk, wine, and Skippy! xx oo susan

  7. I love how completely random your list of goodies is. I flew back from England last week with a bag full of Dairy Milk chocolate, McCoys salt and vinegar flavour crisps, a winter's supply of Night Nurse (best cold remedy ever) and, of course, more Marmite ;-)
    (p.s. Hope all's well with you - sounds like you've had a great summer.)

  8. Mary's bag appears much lighter than mine!
    Jeanmarie xoxo

  9. Sharon-Humanity...schumanity. It's more like stupidity. We changed so much...and so little at the same time. It's bizarre. And I love it.

    Keith-there's that word "interesting" again. I never know how to interpret it. As for the convent, let's just say they don't allow men in the convent...unless the residents figure out a way to sneak them in. No more will be said.

    Diane- I didn't have a headache but I should have, you're right.

    Vickles-By the way...it's my blog and I have the power to choose which photos I use! I miss you too.

    Fly-So you're not as remote as you thought you were. I might be coming to Costa Rica within the next year. You will have to count me in as one of your visitors. I'll bring a bag full...of something.

    Susan-yeppers....you know what I'm talkin' about. And banana pudding...next week!

    Wendy-it's so good to hear from you. Are you still here in Provence? If so, we need to get together. If you need more marmite, I still have a jar in my cupboard!

    Jeanmarie-I've never in my life seen a bag as full as yours was!

  10. Ah. I'm so jealous of your girls bonding week or weekend. I have faith in your ability to get through all that peanut butter.

  11. Did someone say peanut butter? I'll be happy to relieve you of your surplus. It's the least I can do for a former would-be nun like you...

  12. This blog really made me laugh. Reminded me of when my kids were little and we lived in Paris when I used to smuggle Fun Fruits, Fishy Crackers, Oreo, & Tootsie Pops across customs. In Geneva we have great access to American goodies, at Swiss prices, of course. How did you end up in convent in London in 1980? Can't wait to read that story!

  13. Oh that Skippy peanut butter really is yummy, isn't it. I used to get my mother to bring over a ton of stuff including Sainsbury's organic crunchy peanut butter which was low on sugar and extra yummy. They don't make it any more. She came loaded to the eyeballs, and went back loaded to the gills with wine, jambon sec, brown shrimp, even ice-cream on occasion.

    We can get much much more in the shops these days. The only things I still can't get are salt 'n' vinegar crisps and sherry. I think just about everything else is available.

  14. Paulita-thank you dear. I need people to have faith in me...for whatever reason!

    Julie-come over and we'll have a peanut butter glutton fest. You can choose the extra-long spoon or the extra-large spoon. Or both.

    Pat-I know you have more American products. I used to get my Philadelphia Cream Cheese in Switzerland...but it has finally come to France. Okay...one of these days, a story about the convent.

    Sarah-I know. Don't you just love this exchange we finagle with our visitors. Salt-n-vinegar chips. Num!

  15. Yes, I'm still here and would love to meet up. Maybe lunch in Aix? Or if you fancy a trip to the country I can pick you up from Pertuis station (think there's an hourly bus from Aix). I can do most days so just let me know when's best for you.

  16. the kids and mon mari can help you with the peanut butter. did you get any grape jelly? we call it 'texas jam' chez nous.
    and i'll take a cake when you come to see me.
    aidan xo

  17. Oh, I loved this post! And I'm so happy I discovered your blog (via Chez Loulou).

    I could not have made it through my miserable divorce without the twice or thrice daily phone calls from girlfriends reminding me I was strong and would get through this. Girlfriends will get you through... and it's wonderful to reconnect after many years.


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